Wheel advertising - a dynamic concept in mobile advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the tires need to be changed?

Each set includes a set of tools in order to remove the product before changing the tires.

Can I advertise in any specific region?

Wheel Impressions has several fleets waiting for your advertisments. Contact us today and let us know where you need to make an impression.

Will the wheel cover overheat brakes?

The wheel cover will not overheat brakes. The product has been driven over one million miles and passed extensive testing by TÜV.

Do the wheel covers spin when the vehicle is in motion?

No, the wheel covers remain upright and readable while the vehicle is in motion.

Will this have an affect on vehicles in a car wash?

This will not have an affect on either the vehicle or the signage while in the car wash. However, there will be an eye-popping effect once the vehicle exits the car wash with wheel advertisements.